We are moving to Waalwijk!

SNEW has a new location, now you can find us in Waalwijk.   We have joined forces with the public sector this year 2022, so we can work in two regions of the country; In North Holland (Amsterdam) we will work together with Pantar (the social work company of the municipality Amsterdam), and in the […]

SNEW receives Golden Circle Award

The province of Noord-Brabant has awarded the Golden Circle Award to SNEW for its contribution to the circular economy. Anne-Marie Spierings, provincial executive for North Brabant, is also more than honored to present the Golden Circle Award to SNEW. “With their boundless dedication to giving depreciate equipment and people with distance from the labor market […]

SNEW Achieves Economy for The Common Good Certification!

ECG has made an evaluation, paying special attention to our impact and contribution to the general well-being: social, sustainable, transparent. The Economy for the Common Good advocates a more ethical economic model, in which the well-being of people and the environment becomes the ultimate goal of business. Money is only seen as a means to […]

SNEW obtains PSO certificate again

SNEW is once again certified by PSO Netherlands with Step 3 and the PSO 30+ certificate! This means that we are structurally committed to social entrepreneurship. This makes us a frontrunner in the field of social innovation and inclusive employment. We are proud that we have been certified by PSO Netherlands since 2018. We believe […]

Acquisition of Quark Professional Services

In 2021 we have taken over QPS! QPS is responsible for technical-level telecommunications service and maintenance for high-profile clients in Belgium. Providing a 24/7 service whether remote on-site, the team of professional experts that are part of QPS are ready every day to provide you with the best service and be your connection to the […]

Linda.foudation join forces with SNEW to start a laptop campaign

Due to the corona crisis, education has moved from school classes to the online world. But for a significant group of children it is not so easy to have access to a laptop and be able to follow their lessons online. Find out the details of this campaign and how to help by clicking here.


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