SNEW obtains PSO certificate again

SNEW is once again certified by PSO Netherlands with Step 3 and the PSO 30+ certificate!

This means that we are structurally committed to social entrepreneurship. This makes us a frontrunner in the field of social innovation and inclusive employment.

We are proud that we have been certified by PSO Netherlands since 2018. We believe it is important to help people with vulnerable employment positions to find work in a sustainable and high-quality way.

We do this not only by facilitating workplaces in our own organization but also by chain stimulation. This means that we encourage our suppliers and contractors to engage in social entrepreneurship. By enabling more organizations to do business in a more social way, we will grow together towards a more inclusive society.

PSO Netherlands has now grown into the national standard for social entrepreneurship:

Want to know more about our social innovation and our You SNEW project? Click here!


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