SNEW receives Golden Circle Award

The province of Noord-Brabant has awarded the Golden Circle Award to SNEW for its contribution to the circular economy.

Anne-Marie Spierings, provincial executive for North Brabant, is also more than honored to present the Golden Circle Award to SNEW. “With their boundless dedication to giving depreciate equipment and people with distance from the labor market a chance, they show that they are not afraid of taking on challenges in the circular economy field.”

New opportunities for depreciating ICT equipment and people. That is the aim of SNEW. Because at SNEW, we don’t let something with value go to waste. “Both with raw materials and with people, we have to deal more carefully than we do now,” says Martijn van Engelen, CEO, and founder of SNEW.

We specialize in reusing electronics, i.e. giving discarded equipment a new and second life wherever possible. According to Van Engelen, discarded ICT and Telecom equipment is anything but a waste. After a refurbishment, it is usable again; if not, it is always a source of valuable parts and raw materials to give other devices a new life. In addition to reuse, we also offer many services to help keep equipment in use for as long as possible. In this way, we go from replacing to extending. Only what is no longer usable goes to recycling.

The Global E-waste Monitor calculates that in the past five years, global electronic waste has increased by 21% to 53.6 million tonnes. Furthermore, the monitor predicts that it will increase to 74 million tonnes in 2030, a doubling in 16 years. Of all E-waste, only 17.4% was collected and recycled in 2019. In 2021, SNEW collected almost 55 thousand ICT products, of which nearly 28 thousand were sold for reuse. In addition, SNEW recycled more than 30 tons of material.


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