We are moving to Waalwijk!

SNEW has a new location, now you can find us in Waalwijk.


We have joined forces with the public sector this year 2022, so we can work in two regions of the country; In North Holland (Amsterdam) we will work together with Pantar (the social work company of the municipality Amsterdam), and in the region of North Brabant (Tilburg) we will join forces with Midpoint Brabant.

The support of these organizations is essential to achieve our goals and therefore SNEW will move to Waalwijk in the summer of 2022, the goal of this is to get closer to the Tilburg region and in this way be able to operate more efficiently with organizations in the neighborhood.

Come to visit our new offices: Industrieweg 18, 5145 PV. Waalwijk, The Netherlands.


We are happy to assist you with questions and requests about our services.

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