We are SNEW

We don’t let anything that still has value go to waste at SNEW. We refurbish used IT and telecom equipment and make it ‘as new’ (guess where our name comes from). Is equipment no longer refurbishable? Then we check which parts are still usable for our spare parts service. This way we extend the life of equipment to a maximum. We completely unburden our customers in the whole process. This makes it very easy to take steps in the field of CSR. And that benefits our planet again.

““With SNEW I want to show that things can be done differently: strong collaborations, accessible processes and socially inclusive. Together we leave the earth better for future generations”

Martijn van Engelen, CEO SNEW


  • Helpful
    From collecting depreciated equipment to providing CSR data or arranging international transport, we can take care of it.
  • Driven
    Our planet should not only be a nice place to live now, but it should also stay that way. That is why we prevent waste by making maximum use of what is still of value. And that's a lot.
  • Going green
    Of all the equipment we receive, we reuse 75% reused and we recycle 25%. This made us the first to win the Circular Award for the manufacturing industry. And if it’s up to us, it doesn't stop there.
  • Roll up your sleeves
    We don't think in problems, but in solutions. No challenge is too great for us. We just do it.
  • Realistic dreamers
    At SNEW we have our dreams, but we keep our feet on the ground. We are a down-to-earth company from North Brabant, The Netherlands
  • Giving opportunities
    50% of our workforce consists of people who do not get a fair chance on the labor market. Because we believe that their value should not be lost either. We also collect laptops for underprivileged children to give them a fair chance at a good education. For this we work together with LINDA. foundation.
  • Combining forces
    Together with our partners we are working on a better world. For each other, by each other, with each other. For years.

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