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SNEW has been active in Ghana since 2018 to give the local population low-threshold access to ICT equipment. SNEW Ghana sells refurbished computers and ICT products at a wholesale price. In addition, our colleagues in Ghana are actively promoting and supporting IT training in primary and high schools. This way, young people learn from an early age how to use computers.

SNEW Ghana also donates fully equipped, modern ICT labs to schools in disadvantaged communities. Our colleagues teach the local population how to handle the equipment as well as how to maintain and dismantle the equipment. This is how many residents get acquainted with the internet for the first time, which opens up a whole new world for them.

There are also advanced plans for a modern ICT training school, fully managed by SNEW Ghana. This school will provide special ICT training to gifted students in primary and higher education, free of charge or with a subsidy.

Solving the e-waste problem, together

Soon SNEW Ghana will start with an exciting new project. The aim of the project is to train the IT sector and the ‘scrap boys’ in recollecting, dismantling and recycling of E-waste the right way (E-waste management).

These scrap boys worked at the Agbobloshie junk yard, which was known as the largest E-waste dump site in the world. Recently, the piece of land was bought by the government. SNEW Ghana is registered to assist with the resettlement and retraining of these lap boys.

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SNEW Ghana team
SNEW Ghana team


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