Certified data removal

Before we give IT equipment a new life, we remove all data in a certified manner. It is a standard part of our process for the products that were handed over. Do you have your own destination for your used equipment and just want to have the data removed? No problem. We will take care of it. Using the same process, of course. We can then deliver the equipment to the right destination and take care of the financial settlement. As a customer you have nothing to worry about.

We use the software of our partner YouWipe. By overwriting the hard drives, the data is certified to be removed. This ensures that the hard drives can still be reused.

Data destruction

YouWipe has a certified (by Adisa, among others) software program that removes all data from hard drives. We use the standard Ext. HMG Infosec Low, where the data carrier is overwritten at least once.


It sometimes happens that hard disks cannot be overwritten, for example if the disk is defective. Even in this situation, we ensure that the data cannot be recovered.

  • In that case, we can destroy magnetic disks by a Degausser. With 20,000 Gauss, our Degausser ensures that a hard disk is disabled by means of a magnetic field, after which the data is destroyed. We can also issue a certificate for these drives.
  • Disks that we cannot use the Degausser on (such as SSDs) are destroyed. We can then have them shredded or we can send the discs back. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a certificate for these drives.


We check whether all hard drives are connected and wiped. If this is the case, a certificate for the data removal will be created. We then send a report, in which all tracking numbers with the necessary information can be found. The customer receives a file with a clear folder structure where all certification can be found.


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