Refurbishment and repair of your own ICT equipment

In addition to the circular processing of equipment, you can also contact us for refurbishment and repair of your own equipment. This way we can deliver your IT and telecom equipment back, completely according to your wishes. How can we help you?

✓ Cosmetic refurbishment
✓ Certified data removal
✓ Software upgrades
✓  Various repairs

Do you have a good destination for your used equipment and do you only want to have the device refurbished or have the data removed? No problem. We’ll take care of it. Again, of course, through the same process. We can deliver the equipment to the right place and take care of the financial settlement. As a customer you have nothing to worry about.

From replacing the keyboards or housing of DECT devices to updating telephone exchanges to the latest software, SNEW can do it all.

Service parts

IT and telecom equipment sometimes breaks down or needs an upgrade. With our parts service we can ensure that investing in expensive new equipment is not necessary in most cases. We can also maintain equipment that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. In this way, we ensured our  customers that they did not have to completely replace their telephone exchange, which was otherwise in good working order, after a few years. We can also save substantial investments for you. And by using equipment for longer, you immediately act more responsibly.

Through a combination of expertise and used parts, we ensure that your equipment continues to work. For years.


We are happy to assist you with questions and requests about our services.

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