Social innovation (You SNEW)

In 2018, SNEW achieved Level 3 and 30+ Procurement Act (ABW)-recognition on the Social Entrepreneurship Performance Ladder (PSO) ladder and we are very proud of that! PSO is TNO’s measuring instrument and quality mark that makes social entrepreneurship visible. In 2020, SNEW again obtained the certification.

TÜV Rheinland has carried out an independent assessment. This showed that SNEW offers high-quality employment to people at a distance from the labor market and also prefers to collaborate with organizations that also do or strive for this. In this way SNEW makes an above-average contribution in the field of social entrepreneurship in a sustainable way.

This also makes us a frontrunner when it comes to employment for people in a vulnerable position. Because their value must not be lost either.

Inclusive employment

The aim of the PSO is to help more people with a vulnerable (labour market) position to find work in a sustainable and high-quality way. We do this by facilitating workplaces in our own organization, but also by encouraging our suppliers and contractors to engage in social entrepreneurship. We consciously choose to purchase products or services from social companies and/or other PSO-certified organisations. This is also known as chain stimulation. By enabling more organizations to do business in a more social way, we will grow together towards a more inclusive society.

More and more organizations and governments attach importance to creating (more) employment opportunities for people at a distance from the labor market. This part of CSR is called social entrepreneurship.

SNEW on social innovation

SNEW not only gives a second life to ICT products, but also offers second chances to employees with a distance to the labor market. In 2021 we have 35 employees, more than half of whom have (or have had) a distance from the labor market. People with a physical, psychological or social disability are guided internally by one of our six job coaches. Together we ensure that they get the best out of themselves and that they can participate independently in society. By means of the right guidance in the most suitable position, everyone at SNEW works with passion and pleasure.

Every day we are busy making sure that our colleagues are good, healthy and enjoy their work. Talents are optimally used, for example with the help of frequent motivation and coaching conversations. By talking with colleagues, we connect the personal objectives with the company objectives. This benefits both employer and employee. Due to our inclusive way of working, our growth towards more social entrepreneurship has been recognized with a PSO certification.



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