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From sustainability to income model

When you work hand in hand with SNEW you will receive a fair price for used ICT equipment, perhaps for you, this equipment no longer represents any value, but for us it does, you can even benefit from devices that are completely depreciated.

At the end of this process, you will receive a complete report of all the equipment that we refurbish or recycle for you. Do you see how easy it is to do sustainable business with SNEW?

Below you can see some success stories of partners who have chosen to do sustainable business.

Sustainable actions creating a double win for a Belgian telecommunications provider

A large Belgian telecommunications provider was looking for a sustainable alternative for its return flow. The company ultimately chose SNEW as a long-term network partner.

Several times a year we receive pallets full of used telecommunications equipment from this customer. We check which devices or parts of them are reusable, carefully classify them and ensure the recording and reporting of all important data.

Then we renew the products technically and aesthetically so that they work like new again. Previously, this equipment was recycled, but now it is reused again.

This turns into a double win for them. On the one hand, this represents a cost-saving for this company, since they do not have to buy new equipment again.

And on the other hand, by choosing to work sustainably, this company is cooperating to reduce CO2 emissions and thus be able to achieve the climate goals established by the European Parliament, which also benefits them internally since these actions directly influence their corporate social responsibility objectives.

A circular solution for the old IT equipment of an engineering consulting company

Large companies write off a large number of IT equipment each year, taking into account the increasing amount of e-waste generated worldwide, it is responsible that you want to choose a good destination for it.

This company was in this situation, most of them were devices that still had a useful life cycle, and it is only enough to extend the lifetime and give them a second chance, and for this, it is not necessary to look very far, since your staff could be interested in purchasing these devices.

So it was! That’s where SNEW comes in. We completely relieved this company of handling this return flow.

We take care of collecting these IT devices every quarter, then we take care of eliminating all sensitive data in a professional and certified manner. Then our expert team technically and aesthetically restores each device (mostly laptops and monitors) to later be offered to the same staff of this engineering consulting company, who buy it at a special price, SNEW even organizes the financial settlement.

In this way, we give a circular solution to the problem of electronic waste and help our environment while we are on the way to the future of the circular economy.

Do you feel identified or do you think we can help you in some way?
Just give us a call and we’ll do the rest!

  1. Call SNEW: 088-024 79 00.
  2. We collect your equipment.
  3. We filter by usability.
  4. All equipment is inventoried and registered.
  5. Data is removed discreetly and certified.
  6. SNEW gives your equipment a second life.

And just like that, you will be generating a positive impact doing business in a sustainable way.


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